Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Daniel at 3 Months

Daniel turned 3 months old this morning, at 4:39am. So this morning we sat down and struck up an agreement with him that he can learn, walk talk and all those things, but he can't keep growing. He has to stay this size forever. Which is 25 1/4 inches long, and 15 lbs and 11 oz.
This month he's been working on using his hands to grab things he wants, block or swipe at objects when he's unhappy with them and has been putting them in his mouth constantly. His feet have been used to kick toys, the air and people. I've been assaulted with his razor nails (that I swear grow an inch overnight) and currently have 4 large scratches on my chest from a hungry baby that woke at 5 this morning, frantic for some food.
He's learned how to smile not just because he's happy, but because he wants to entertain others and get us to smile. Of course I spend most of my day trying to extract smiles from him, but it's time well spent. He's very good at answering a smile for a smile, and has started to do other things like smirk, huh-yuk (laughing soon, maybe?) and howling like a coyote. WoooOoo!
We've gotten into a routine, one that starts with him sleeping in his nursery and then around 7am when he wakes up, coming into bed with mom. Of course, sometimes dad hasn't yet woken and I get photos like this, of Daniel trying to wake dad with his cooing.
We've been blessed with some amazing weather this month, and have taken several walks around to nearby parks. Daniel always sleeps through them (and generally sleeps for an hour or more after coming home), so we go whenever possible.
Staring at that baby in the mirror has been a real thing this month. He seems to understand that this baby moves when he moves and Daniel has great fun provoking this baby to bounce around or scream along with him. Trying to understand just how that other baby in the mirror got there and looks just like him. It's been a busy month.
And lets not forget to mention that he is teething. I've no clue what to look for but his doctor after feeling around inside his mouth said 'yep, I feel some buds coming up!'. Wish I had thought to ask where and what to look for, because the only thing that seems different is his gums are less gummy, he's gnawing on his hand and seems miserable and pulls at his face and ear. Poor guy. 
I'm excited to see what new things he'll learn this month, but don't want him to grow up any more.
I'm guessing that's a common thing for moms to say. 

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  1. I remember from our blogging group when you were newly pregnant and now he's 3 months! I never get tired of looking at babies. :-)

    1. Crazy how life has passed! I've had him for almost a year at this point, 9 months in my belly and 3 in my arms!

  2. Those eyes! Happy 3-months old little buddy. All the firsts are still amazing to me all these years later.

    1. Thanks Traci- and I'm sure I'll be the same way once mine grow up :)

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