Friday, September 25, 2015

26 weeks

How far along:
26 weeks

Baby Boy!

What's the protocol:
"How are you feeling?" When this question is asked, how do you respond- especially when it's been asked all the time and it's becoming obvious that the best answer to that question is "Great!" ?

I've usually defaulted to "Pretty good- a little tired/achey/swollen feet- but that's to be expected". Which usually makes everyone say "Yep- you're going to feel that way for awhile- just wait until you don't get any sleep on top of it!"

Not exactly encouraging. 
Like a rock. Or, like a baby- which could mean that I get up every 2 hours to pee (versus eat), when I'm not sleeping like a rock.

Best moment this week: 

He migrated his movements off of my bladder, and I saw two pushes up by my bellybutton!

Worst moment this week:
We went on our 'babymoon' as Tom has taken to calling it- and we ran from a deer that spooked us- a
lighthouse at night on Hatteras Island. I should really take the time to explain how exactly that happened, but we basically saw glowing eyes and ran.

The rest of the week, it became apparent that I pulled all sorts of muscles on both sides of my body, and could hardly get in/out of the car/bed/walk at all. It's finally better, and I can get out of bed like a regular person.

It seems really important now to Take It Easy.

Miss anything: 
I don't feel like I own and operate my body anymore, and that Daniel is in there either with little levers he uses to operate me, or perhaps a high-tech switchboard. At least I've learned this early on and admitted defeat.

I need to take an acid pill every evening at 7pm as I'm leaving work, or I'll definitely not be able to eat when I get home after 830. I have to schedule my water intake so I can even make it to and from work without having to get off the train and find a bathroom (... and a public one at that). And, of course, my feel swell up if I don't walk ever half hour- to the point of painful hobbling.

I already mentioned seeing his movements from the outside, which seems like one of the last new things I will experience, until labor pains begin. (Am I wrong? What other mile-markers will come?)

But also, yesterday he decided to FINALLY squirm on over to my right side, which he has never done. I have never felt him over there, but while sitting at my desk working yesterday, he decided to be an acrobat and flip all over the place, and jabbed me hard in my upper right part of my belly.

I sat up, probably looked concerned, and grasped my belly. He then moved to the other side and kicked me like crazy there too.

And, Dora seems especially interested in my growing belly, and he likes to kick when he feels any pressure, including her leaning on him!
Oh, how I am loving Nutter Butters. Every day on the way to work, I get a snack of some sort- and while Nutter Butters are technically cookies..... they are peanut buttery goodness and I feel no remorse at all.

Lovenox injections nightly at 0.40mL and morning prenatal vitamins.

I'm sucking it up and dealing with some more bruising, which usually means that I've gone a bit too far in and hit muscle. But, the injections, while it takes some time to find that 'sweet spot' that won't hurt like crazy, or bleed a ton, then they are fine.

Queasy or sick: 
I'm not interested in any food at all. Except Nutter Butters. If you ever find that you have too many
Nutter Butters, send them my way. I'll sending you my shipping address.

Looking forward to: 
We moved the living room to the old dining room! Our apartment has three rooms, which were the Dining Room when you walk in, the 1st bedroom that we've used as a living room, and then our room. Well, dining room is now the living room, and while I was worried it would be cramped I love it! Nice to make some headway towards moving the bed out of the nursery and into the old living room.

I guess that would only make sense if you've seen our apartment.

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  1. oh you must be SO excited about the baby! :D

  2. I'm so excited as you relate the adventures of your pregnancy. We are all anticipating the birth of that little guy.

  3. This is very exciting! We'll hopefully be going on that journey soon. Thanks for sharing your updates!


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