Monday, September 7, 2015

24 weeks

How far along:
24 weeks

Baby Boy!

What's the protocol:
Baby showers. To be honest, I've wanted as little involvement as possible from the beginning. I understand that many to-be moms want to help plan, but really, I'm still recovering from planning our wedding over 2 years ago. I want to be told where to show up, when, and perhaps give over some names for the guest list.

But, we have two different showers, with dates set, cars rented (for the PA one) and roles assigned. But then everything starts changing.

The PA shower has to happen on a specific weekend, and they asked today to move it to another weekend- but we can't. The NY shower was supposed to be thrown exclusively by the three women I'm closest with here- my mother and sister in law, and my good church friend. Well, to make the story short, things have changed there as well and more hands are now in the pot. I just wanted (especially) my mother and sister in law to have fun and do the whole thing. Guess I'll have to cook something else up for them to partake in... maybe I can put them to work painting the nursery.... I'm sure they'd love that :)

Well, I've been waking relatively refreshed so I can't say much there! Except, it takes a full 8 hours plus 3 hours in my mid-day gap to achieve this. Whatever works!

Best moment this week: 
Tom is talking to the baby more when he moves at night, and we're able to call him by his name! I went and purchased a few baby clothes this week, courtesy of JCPenney and the awesome coupons that they've been sending our way. 

Worst moment this week:
I hate climbing stairs. I know I've been less active than before the pregnancy (but let's be fair- I'm achey, swollen and exhausted). But I can climb stairs! I used to be a StairMaster! But whenever I scale one flight to face another, I want to collapse. It's amazing how our body compensates for a growing baby but it definitely does take your breath (and lung capacity) away.

Miss anything: 
I'd love to feel regular sized again. I was never a small woman, but when shopping, I resolve that I have to shop with the frame of mind that all my clothes have to be baggy. That is, until spring rolls around again.

I'm bumping my bump into door frames when turning (which is funny) and getting my shirt soaking wet when washing dishes (which is really annoying). I do miss feeling 'regular sized'.

These last two weeks Daniel hasn't been moving as dramatically, but it is consistent and more frequent. I guess he is done rearranging furniture (?) since things seem to have settled down a bit. But then, a day after I think that he's enjoying his new environment, I get a ridiculously painful movement in the same spot he loves to move around in (my left side). I guess he was being considerate before, since I'm either stretching or bruised on that spot- his favorite place to start turning and flipping around.

I have a McDonalds Oreo Frappe in front of me now, so I'm pretty content. Tacos are my favorite meal right now, and raw bell peppers are a favorite snack.

Lovenox injections nightly at 0.40mL and morning prenatal vitamins.

I never mentioned that my doctor was considering upping my Lovenox shots to twice daily (at the anatomy scan)- but thankfully she decided 0.40mL a day was adequate. I don't hate them, and have honestly begun to enjoy the routine and the dedication involved in taking them everynight. But I'm glad I don't have to do them in the daytime too!

Queasy or sick: 
I think I'm going to stop saying toothpaste (and toothbrushing) and just say Gag Reflex. I can't eat anything that requires more than a handful of bites without swallowing. We had steak last Sunday and I had to stop. It made me gag, just having to work so hard at getting it down.

Looking forward to: 
Getting the apartment rearranged and the nursery to be painted! This will happen when we return from our trip, which we are on right NOW! We left Brooklyn on Sunday and won't be returning until Saturday. A roadtrip to South Carolina, up the Outer Banks and along the beaches- one last vacation before Daniel arrives :)

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  1. The outfits for Daniel are nice. My first pregnancy, my daughter loved to push her rump into my ribs. Talk about uncomfortable. It offers a nice memory now, I guess. :) I am praying that your pregnancy continues to go well. I hope your trip was relaxing.

  2. Keeping you in my prayers, Farin. Hope everything continues to go well!


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