Monday, February 23, 2015

My First Conference!

On January 22, 23 and 24th, Tom and I traveled to Atlanta Georgia with my in-laws for the 2015 G3 Conference. Being my first ever conference, I didn't know what to expect. I soon realized that it reminded me of a summer camp, orientation at college, and (since this was a Christian conference) church. Since I love heavily structured events (really, I do. No implied sarcasm), I am thoroughly sold on the idea of attending a conference every year.

The G3 Conference is held every year at Prays Mill Baptist Church, 20 minutes outside of Atlanta. Every year they have a different topic, and I loved that this year's topic was The Bible.
Many of the attendees lived in the general area and drove to attend, and have attended every year that it has been held. Many of those people pick and chose the sessions that they felt pertain to them orthat they are most interested in. We soon realized that we were likely the only attendees who came and stayed for every single session. Which meant that we were arriving each day at 7:30am for breakfast and staying thru until the last session ended at 9:30pm. We became the official sponsor of Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts that week.

Tomorrow I will be posting the conference session videos, along with some notes and information from each session. 

For a quick taste of what was discussed during the conference, I took this blurb from the G3 Conference website:

2015 G3 Conference – “The Bible is the Word of God”

The church of Jesus Christ in every generation is given the weighty charge to proclaim and preserve the Word of Truth.  What we believe about the Bible will shape how we live, how we worship, and how we seek to educate our children and grandchildren.  Have you considered the lack of Bible reading in a typical worship service in our present day?  Have you talked with your friends outside of your church about their family worship patterns?  If you use the word “catechism” outside of a church or conference setting today, you may receive strange looks of complete confusion.  The fact is, we are living in a day where the Bible has become the most popular book of history and yet the most irrelevant book among the culture. God has breathed out His Word.  Preachers have proclaimed God’s Word.  Martyrs have died to preserve God’s Word.  Today, we don’t have an option to relax when it comes to the inerrancy, authority, sufficiency, veracity, infallibility, and holiness of God’s Word.

So tell me...
Have you ever attended a conference?
Would you recommend any, or did you generally not enjoy the format?
One month after the event, is this post ridiculously late or what?


  1. I have gone to homeschool conferences.
    Yes, I did like the format.

    I live close to ATL, so maybe if we know far enough in advance, hubby & I could go.
    I am impressed you guys came from NYC to go to a conference in ATL. That's commendable!

    1. I don't think I would ever want to return to university classes again, but the occasional conference or class is a nice way to stretch your brain and keep learning. And, we had a few speakers that we love to listen to at the conference, and were itching for a family vacation (perfect combination!)

      They have the G3 2015 conference up on their website, the topic will be about the Biblical inerrancy of the Trinity-


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