Monday, July 27, 2015

18 weeks- Felt Movement!

How far along:
18 weeks

We won’t find out until August 22 at the gender reveal party

Maternity clothes:
I am in maternity clothes, except jeans (which will come when warmer temperatures arrive).
Since this questions is now moot, the new topic here is:
Kindness of strangers:
I am having seats offered to me on my commute! Granted, this began over a month ago, but it's pretty constant now (and much appreciated). I have an hour and a half commute and it's definitely draining to stand the entire time. Luckily, I get on at a train station where everyone gets off, and the seats are mostly empty from Brooklyn up to midway in Manhattan.

I hate sleeping on my side. I've read conflicting accounts about how staying off of your back is either important, kind of important or only important if you have problems with your blood pressure. All I know is that I don't want to spend any money on a pillow, especially since I have three perfectly good ones that are being utilized to the best of their ability. If these aches continue though, I will look for an overstuffed body pillow, versus a 'special maternity' one for $40+, which is crazy talk.

Best moment this week: 
Hearing the heartbeat! And, I was able to feel the baby move!

Worst moment this week:
Stomach pains. I can definitely tell that I am growing, and my existing stretch marks are starting to itch. I already have a few from growing and general weight gain when in my teens, but they are expanding. Which is perfectly fine. I'm actually proud of my new body/belly since it's housing a growing person and is actually big enough to look pregnant (versus pudgy).

Miss anything: 
Lazy Saturdays! I love being able to 'sleep in' on Saturdays, even though I still wake around 6am because of my early morning schedule. But, it's nice to stretch and lounge around, hang out in pajamas and eat breakfast breakfast in bed. Too often it feels like we have somewhere to be or go and have to get out of the house by a specific time.

I felt the baby move a few days ago, and it felt like a double roll in the same place. I told my doc about it and he said that's how they move at first, a slight wave and another identical wave in the same spot. Now, I just want to feel it some more :)

I still haven't bought (or found) any Nerds, but I'm still thinking about them. And I've really been wanting more Popsicles, but haven't brought any home in a while.
It took 3 month to fill this up!


Lovenox injections nightly at 0.40mL and morning prenatal vitamins.

I've learned a trick this week which lets me give myself less painful injections. Laying on my back causes my uterus to fall back towards my spine, and my stomach gets pudgy again... which lets me pinch an inch to poke. When I stand up, baby falls back into place and the medicine burns and is difficult to inject. But... this is a limited time solution. In a month or so, I'll have a harder belly even when on my back.

Any suggestions on ways to get that needle to go into the stomach easier?

Queasy or sick: 
It's horrible. Because the minute you get sick you need to brush your teeth again. And, I don't know about you, but I can't stand the idea of Not brushing my tongue, which is usually the part that makes me feel sick...

Looking forward to: 
The anatomy scan in just over a week! We won't be told by the technician what gender it is, as we want to find out with family at a party, but we'll be able to see baby again, and it will be so much bigger than the last time we saw it! I know that a 20 week baby is going to be much bigger than a 12 week baby, and more active too!

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  1. I would definitely get a maternity pillow! I got a big one for my last pregnancy it was soo worth it! I found one for cheaper than $40 at Burlington Coat Factory!

    1. Hm... I never thought about Burlington (or Marshalls, etc). Something to consider, thanks!

  2. Congratulations! I, for one, loved being pregnant. Feeling a new life - your baby - move within you is an indescribable joy. The movements will only grow and sometimes keep you awake at night, but it is such a rich, unique experience of womanhood. And I, too, gagged on toothpaste while pregnant. :)

    1. I can't wait to have that constant reassurance that it's doing well. And, I have no idea why mint is such a repulsive taste for pregnant women, but everyone I spoke with has had this issue :-/

  3. Congratulations! And this update is so special to me because I will becoming a first time grandmother in early December! Blessings to you!

    1. Aw, congratulations yourself grandma! My husbands whole family are ecstatic as this will be the first grand and great grand baby :)

  4. awwwww....getting closer - you must be so excited about this!

    1. Of course! And sitting down to write these updates allows for time to reminisce on how far I've gotten :)

  5. That's so nice that people offer you their seat! And you must be getting so excited for August 22!

    1. It's hit and miss. If there are delays and we're sitting in (underground) train traffic, no one budges. It's as if I asked someone for his last bottle of water in a drought. Major eye contact avoidance :) Can't wait until I'm too big to ignore, an hour and half balancing underground wears you out!

  6. Loved reading this, sounds so exciting - all the different stages - thank you for sharing your journey with us :)

    1. Thanks for saying hi Florence! And I love that I'm able to document this- such a great opportunity to remember when different things happened!


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