Monday, November 24, 2014

This Week in Review

Did you all see E.T. phoning home?

My massive finger has only just been unwrapped from it's original dressing, but before it was, there were a ton of "you have a question?" "Eureka!" and "save your questions until the end of class" jokes from Tom.

Fancy new gloves. Showering has been fun. Everytime I come out, I want to say 'put em up, put em up!!' in true cowardly lion fashion.

So, I bookmarked this back in September, so you might've seen it. But, wow. The Amish have the whole barn raising thing down. Only 10 hours to build this barn? Astounding.

Do you have a phobia?
This article from Cup Of Jo had me cracking up! Take a minute to look through the 300 comments, the irrational fears will have you snort coffee out your nose (wait, I think that's one of the fears mentioned...) Of course, I already wrote on my irrational fear of poor knife handling, and we all know where that got me this last Thursday. Not so irrational after all I guess!

Tom found a recipe he likes. Cornbread casserole. He came home with ALL the corn products the other day. Looks like he expects it to be a staple around here, right?
So tell me...
What are your irrational fears?
Are you married to a person who does everything possible to overdose on a recipe they try once and like?


  1. OMG that is a whole lot of corn!!! I didn't read that Cup of Jo post so now I have to click over to it! My irrational fear is of balloons. It's crazy, the fear is mostly of them popping. My family makes fun of me about it all the time.

    1. Haha, your fear of balloons isn't that far fetched! We frequent a Colombian restaurant that celebrates birthdays with big drums. I know the first drum will make me yelp, every time, even though I saw it coming out of the kitchen. I'm sure you're a fright at birthday parties :)

  2. I don't know if I have any irrational fears is that weird?!? I used to be afraid of spiders but that kind of faded away. I guess my biggest fears are more substantial now - not figuring out my life's purpose and not finding someone to share my life with!

    1. I think that isn't weird, it means you haven't been scarred in an completely ridiculous way yet! Give it time, maybe you'll find your irrational fear yet :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I keep freaking out but then it looks better. Freaking out, then realizing I have some more feeling in the tip. Freaking out, bc stitches are creepy looking, etc etc. Pray for my sanity!

    2. I have an irrational fear of marionettes. Creepiest of puppets. I also have a semi-rational fear of falling down stairs. But that's pretty grounded in reality, since about 8 years ago, I did fall down a flight of stairs, tore my knee cartilage and gave myself a concussion. (I was at work, and my bosses had to carry me up the stairs to our office. I am not a small person, and this was humiliating.)


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