Saturday, November 16, 2013

On Becoming a ''Morning Person''

This Tuesday (Monday was Veterans Day), I started a new schedule at work. It involved me waking at 5:45, washing my face and turning my phone on to take a few phone calls from 6-9am. Basically just being awake to answer it. So really, I was a little concerned I would fall asleep from boredom.

I used to work from 11-7pm, waking at 9am and going to bed at 1pm (if I went to bed on time).

I discovered that it is amazing to wake up early! And I've searched the web for the week leading up to it, to search for tactics (because waking up is like war??) on how to wake up early.

I've found a few things.

Drink Tea and avoid TV before bed, and go to bed on time.
  Duh, right? But I did it, and I went to bed sleepy, versus stimulated. And stayed asleep. And woke refreshed.

Wake up to a nice alarm. 
  I changed out my alarm (which was HORRID) to a favorite song. And as it slowly gets louder, I no longer scowl and attack it to save my ears. I actually kind of enjoy it because it's never loud. I have even downgraded from 10 angry-sounding alarms to 4 nice alarms.

Drink some cold water (OJ, etc) immediately.
  It replenishes you since you hadn't drank anything in about 8 hours. That's why you always feel so sick/blah in the morning. Drink some water. And it wakes you up.

Have something to wake up for.
  Apparently, I needed my work to demand an early wake up. I have for the longest time wanted to wake up with Tom, but never have. Now, I get to read my Bible, make us breakfast, put dishes away, play Scrabble on Facebook and read the news in the hour before he wakes. And he's a big fan of eggs instead of Cap'n Crunch, so I get major props for the breakfast thing.

Do something to help you later in the week.
  I accidentally made biscuit cookies my first day in. They were supposed to be cookies made with Jiffy Cake Mix (first day in, keeping it simple!) But, upon removal they appeared incredibly biscuit-like. They were still tasty though . Oh, and I discovered that I can't use my big baking sheets in our 24'' oven :(

Yes, they will slide all the way down..
And those have been my findings so far. I woke up today and couldn't stay in bed. I eventually tried luring Tom out at 8:30 with some coffee, which he sneered at, drank, and then went back to bed.

So, how has your week been? Any suggestions on making this new schedule continue to rock?

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